Wedding Breakfast - What Is The Wedding Breakfast?

Even though the name tends to imply a morning meal, a wedding breakfast is far from what the word 'breakfast' is generally used for. The breakfast is, nonetheless, the most important occasion that follows a wedding. As the name suggests, it is a form of "breaking of a fast". In this case, it follows the period of fasting for the bride and the groom before the wedding. The breakfast is the first meal that breaks this fast following the wedding ceremony.

The reason why the Wedding Breakfast should be given paramount importance is quite evident from this. It is the most important meal for the bride and the groom in the sense that it is their first meal together as a lawfully wedded couple. Considering the significance of this part of a wedding ceremony, it is also quite understandable that the breakfast follows certain protocols of etiquette and traditional conventions.


Another important aspect of the Wedding Breakfast is that it is a family occasion in its truest sense. It is one occasion, where every member of the family, who has had at least some role in the wedding, is present. Moreover, the families of the bride and the groom also dine together for the first time, after the marital alliance has been established between them. It is, therefore an important that the Wedding Breakfast be organized properly so that everybody enjoys the breakfast with the sense of being together, rather than making it uncomfortable for the bridal party.

Wedding Breakfast - What Is The Wedding Breakfast?

The occasion of the breakfast ideally follows a number of rules. The seats are ideally divided into the "top table" and the "receiving line". The top table, facing the guests sitting along the receiving line, primarily consists of the families of the bride and the groom. The groom is ideally made to sit on the right side of the bride. Their respective families sit adjacent to each of them, the general layout being that the father sits on the right side of the mother. The chief bridesmaid and the best man sit in the corners.

An important aspect of the breakfast is the announcement of the three traditional toasts. The response to these toasts is normally done by the groom on the behalf of the bride, and then by the best man on behalf of the accompanying bridesmaids. The Toastmaster ensures that etiquette is followed properly during the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding Breakfast, in short, is the opening meal for a happily married life.

Wedding Breakfast - What Is The Wedding Breakfast?

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