Tasty Ham and Cheese Pancake Recipe

Just about everybody likes pancakes and they now come in many variations. This simple ham and cheese pancake recipe will add a nice twist to any meal time. Your entire family will enjoy this alternative. And do not think that you have to wait for the morning to try it out! Pancakes can be enjoyed whenever you wish to!

Before trying your hand at this ham and cheese pancake recipe you will need a mixing bowl, large spatula, wooden spoon, and a good skillet. If you haven't got a wooden spoon though, any spoon will suffice really.A homemade batter is really simple, here is what you need to gather: 135g of self-rising flour, sift it first, 125ml of milk, which should be cold, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, 1 cup of coarsely chopped ham and half a cup, (or more!), of shredded cheese of your choice.

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Dill can also be added which is nice.To achieve the best results, your needs to be warmed up before you can cook on it. Make sure to let it reach and stay at a temperature of 375F for at least ten minutes before cooking. If the skillet does not have a non-stick surface, spray it lightly with some flavorless cooking spray, or give it a little vegetable oil rub.

Tasty Ham and Cheese Pancake Recipe

Be sure you possess everything you need; then get started. Place the flour, milk, egg and salt in your bowl. Combine all of those nicely, until your batter has a smooth texture to it. You can then incorporate the ham and the cheese and fold everything in nicely.It is best if you let the batter rest for about 5 minutes before cooking it. Pour into even amounts, separated by enough space to let them rise properly. When you start noticing little bubbles popping at the surface, and the sides are cooked, you are ready for the flip.

Quickly flip the pancakes. When they have achieved the desired color, they are ready to be served! If you cannot serve them right away for any reason, all you have to do is line up some paper towel on a plate and lay your pancakes on it. Just be sure not to cover them.This ham and cheese pancake recipe offers a nice alternative for anybody in need of a change. If you like to eat with a little more twist, a pinch of cayenne pepper should do it for you. A healthy meal or snack for everyone to enjoy!

Tasty Ham and Cheese Pancake Recipe

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