Two Great Breakfast Recipes for Diabetics

Sometimes you may think that a diabetic has more benefits when it comes to nutrition because they have to be healthy. They don't have a choice. A conventional diet that is filled with sugary and starch-based substances that most Americans are used to and does not do much for the body.

When people hear they have diabetes it is often difficult finding recipes for type 2 diabetes and how to adapt to the new plan. There are lots of recipes for diabetes, even cake and dessert recipes for diabetes. It is not a death sentence!

\"breakfast Recipes\"

You often feel so much better after you have had a nutritious meal with fresh fruit and vegetables that would give you a lot more lasting energy throughout the day than a bag of french fries and a coke ever would. Breakfast is a great place to start.

Two Great Breakfast Recipes for Diabetics

Here are some breakfast recipes for diabetics:

Pancakes with fried banana

2 bananas

100g self raising wholemeal flour

2 eggs, beaten

pinch of cinnamon

300ml buttermilk

  • Slice the banana in half and fry with a little olive oil in the pan
  • Whisk the flour and buttermilk together. If you would like it thinner then you can add a little milk at the end.
  • Whisk in the eggs and add cinnamon
  • Heat the pan and when it is hot you can start to make the pancakes.
  • Serve with the bananas and sprinkle some diabetic sugar on top.

Fruit Salad and berry compote with yogurt

100g raspberries

Fruit of your choice ( oranges, blueberries, peaches- nothing too sugary)

Natural yogurt


  • Mash up the raspberries or liquidize them so that you have a little sauce
  • Put all of your fruit in a bowl with a scoop of yogurt and the berry sauce on top with a few almonds

Two Great Breakfast Recipes for Diabetics

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